Loop – Released February 25, 2019

by Alice Clair

Loop features Alice Clair; guitar, vx, beer, Tommy Proutt; bass, vx, mandolin, Ben Smith; drums, Christina Kim; cello, Tom Proutt; guitar, Annabelle Gunden; vx, Adam Clair; vx, Richard Will; fiddle, Max Rifkin; banjo, Stuart Gunter; aux percussion, piano, Maria DeHart; drums, Chris Doermann; aux percussion, Nate Smith; guitar, Kate Bollinger; bass, Jamie Swanson; upright bass, vx, Gina Sobel; flute, vx and the Ensemble: Ila Albert, Maeve Buni, Hanna Clark, Remy Green, Max Johnson, Miles Johnson, Jack Luecke, Tommy Proutt, Alex Simpson, Ben Smith, and Nate Smith.

Thank you to the Gullysville Gang. Mom, Dad, Adam, Grace, Sunny, SP, and Floyd – this wouldn't have happened without you. Thank you to Joe Madison for changing the direction of my life by putting a guitar in my hands. Thank you to Tommy Proutt for your warmth and light that is woven throughout this album. Thank you to the lovely Ben, Nate, and Tommy, the beloved BLNDRS who are integral to who I am. Thank you to all my dear friends and family. Thank you to Rapunzel's, Blue Star Music, Nelson County, and the countless communities that have supported me throughout my life. Thank you to Chris Doermann and Virginia Arts Recording. Thank you to Bobby Read at Small World Audio. Thank you to Hannah Russell-Hunter for working tirelessly on the artwork, and Max Johnson and Elizabeth Beamon for your contributions. Thank you to Richard Will for your skillful instruction and support. Finally, thank you to Miller Art Scholars at UVA and the Nelson County Education Foundation for funding this project.